Who We are

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Now a day waste management has become a horrible problem in the major cities due to high growth of population, unmanaged habitats, lack of awareness, etc. As a result of all those because of environment erosion natural, cultural heritages are intent to the way of destruction. Throwing waste in public places like river banks, temples, academic institutions, commercial complexes, private houses will bring heinous output in the community and it will effect in human health seriously as well.
Nepsemyak Sewa Pvt. Ltd. is a company dedicated to work in the field of community based solid waste management, pollution control, environment improvement and public awareness since its establishment. It has been providing its service more than 40000 households in the Kathmandu valley and expanding service in other cities as well in association with other similar organizations.

Why Choose Us


-To develop sufficient potentials in communities and to recover resources out of solid waste efficiently.
-To promote the access to the rights of common people to good health services, sound living environment and education.


-To generate substantial income sources out of discarded materials at community level.
-To provide sound education with focus on environmental concern.
-To facilitate the society with cheap and best health services and practices


-Collection of household waste from door steps.
-Waste segregation.
-Recycle the waste.
-Final management (dumping)
-Conduct public awareness programs, rally, street and public place sanitation, composting and roof top gardening trainings, greenery development programs, etc.