• Dr. Krishna Bahadur Karki
  • Mr. Suryaman Shakya, SWM Specialist
  • Mr. Bhusan Tuladhar, Environmentalist
  • Dr. Rabindra Prasad Rajbhandari, Physician
  • Mr. Chandra Kumar Ghimire, Administrator
  • Mr. Meghnath Dhimal, Environmental Health Specialist
  • Mr. Ramesh Badal, Advocate
  • Mr. S.P. Yadav, EM Specialist
  1. World Vision International –Nepal, Kathmandu ADP for the Training to Students on Solid Waste Management-   Rps 20,020.
  2. Strengthening Environmental Administration at Local Level in Nepal (SEAM-N) for Celebrating World Environment Day 2006 – Rps 9,000.
  3. SEAM-N Project Dharan and Itahari municipality respectively provided Rps.1, 057, 090 and Rps.1,05,662 for conducting various environmental programs.
  4. Amici dei Bambini (Italian INGO) provided Rps 10,500,000 for a three years program on promoting the health of children through water, sanitation and health activities.
  5. Embassy of Japan in Nepal provided Rps. 6,055,192 for one year program on community based waste management project in Ichangu Narayan and Sitapaila VDC of Kathmandu district.
  6. Kathmandu Metropolitan City provided Material Support for Waste Segregation Program for 500 households.
  7. Lalitpur Sub-Metropolitan City provided 600 dustbins to support the people of Nayanagar, Kusunti, and Lalitpur.

Registered in District Administrative Office, Lalitpur
Registered Date: 2054/01/16 (28th Apr. 1997)
Registration No: 759
Central Regional Health Directorate, Hetauda, Makawanpur
Permission No. 1662

  1. Social Welfare Council on 2056/06/14  (1st Oct. 1999/Affiliation No: 9485)
  2. NGO Federation of Nepal
  3. NGO Federation for Environment Conservation, Nepal
  4. Nepal Japan NGO’s Network
  5. Floriculture Association Nepal
  6. Community Health Association (CHAL)
  7. Reproductive Health Coordination Committee
  1. Ministry of Urban Development
  2. Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology
  3. Solid Waste Management Technical Support Centre
  4. District Development Committee Office Kathmandu/ Lalitpur
  5. District Public Health Office, Lalitpur
  6. Patan Hospital, Lalitpur
  7. Related Municipalities and VDCs
  8. Singhadurbar Secretariat Reconstruction Committee
  9. Amici dei Bambini ( Italian INGO)
  10. Embassy of  Japan in Nepal
  11. Pariwartan Sewa Pvt. Ltd.
  12. National Nature Conservation Fund
  13. Hundreds of others  NGOs and CBOs in the communities