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Who we are:

  • Nepsemyak is a private company working in the field of solid waste management in Nepal.
  • The company was established in 2009 and provides various waste management Services, including waste collection, transportation, and disposal.
  • Nepsemyak focuses on promoting sustainable waste management practices that reduce the negative impact of waste on public health and the environment.
  • The company has implemented various projects in partnership with the Nepalese government and international organizations to improve the solid waste management system in the country.
  • The company aims to become a leading waste management company in Nepal that provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to waste management challenges.


Providing sustainable waste solutions in Nepal, promoting eco-friendly practices, creating jobs, and partnering for better waste management


"To enhance waste management in Nepal by delivering efficient solutions through collaboration with the government, international partners, and communities, while striving for innovative and environmentally positive approaches."

About Us

Welcome to Nepsemyak, a leading solid waste management company in Nepal. We are committed to providing sustainable and innovative solutions to manage and reduce waste while promoting a cleaner and healthier environment. Our team of experts has years of experience in the waste management industry, and we strive to deliver high-quality services that meet the needs of our clients and the community. Through our website, you can learn more about our services, projects, and initiatives, as well as stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends in the field of waste management.

Initiation of the work:

The beginning of participation of the private sector in waste management started from 2050 BS.

Institutional form:

Registered in the name of Nepal Pollution Control and Environmental Construction Center (NEPCEMAC) in Lalitpur as an NGO on Baisakh 16, 2054 B.S.

Transfer of work:

After many years of experience, NGO (NEPCEMAC) handed over the direct waste management work to the company (Nepsemyak Service Pvt. Ltd.) established in Poush 2066, which was only raising public awareness and providing training, from 2070 BS onwards.

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* Data as of : 2023-08-29
*MT = Metric Tons

Chairman's Voice

As the Chairman and Managing Director of our pioneering waste management company in Nepal, I am proud and grateful to address you today. In the last 1.5 decades, we've dedicated ourselves to transforming waste management in the Kathmandu Valley. Our efforts have led to eco-friendly practices, job creation, and vital partnerships.
Our journey began 26 years ago with a vision to revolutionize Nepal's waste management. Today, I'm humbled by our progress and environmental impact. Our commitment is clear - to be a model of sustainable waste solutions in Nepal. We collaborate with government bodies, international partners, and communities for innovative, eco-conscious approaches.
Our mission is focused: "Enhance waste management in Nepal through efficient solutions in collaboration with government, international partners, and communities, while driving environmentally positive approaches."
Our initiatives cover a broad spectrum of waste management, from collection, transportation, and compost production to awareness campaigns, training, recycling, and community engagement. We tackle even challenging tasks like deceased animal management.
Despite our achievements, we recognize challenges like limited processing land, unclear private sector policies, and inadequate landfill sites. The sole landfill at Bancharedanda for the entire valley is stretched, and local governments lack infrastructure.
Despite these obstacles, our determination remains unshaken. We'll conquer challenges and prove results. Our unwavering dedication stems from the belief in a cleaner, healthier Nepal.
My gratitude goes to our team, partners, and supporters who've joined us on this remarkable journey. Together, we'll innovate, collaborate, and pursue excellence. Let's showcase the power of human endeavor in adversity. With your support, we'll craft a brighter, cleaner, sustainable future for generations.

Thank You
Tika Ram Dahal


We provide not only solid waste management Services but a huge scope of Services. Our domain being the field of waste management, the Services are centered around it. Our Services are as mentioned below:

Waste Collection and Transportation

We collect the garbage from the doorstep through small vehicles and take it to the transfer station and after selecting the salable items from the garbage, we load the rest in a big vehicle and take it to the landfill site located at Bancharedanda, Nuwakot.

Waste Segregation

We teach the local residents to keep kitchen waste in two parts (compostable and non-compostable) and collect it on separate days. A campaign has been launched to bring this work to all areas. Also, selection of salable items has been done at transfer stations.

Installation of Trash Bins

Mainly in coordination and cooperation with the local government, trash bins have been installed on roadside poles in various settlements, in which only small pieces of garbage can be put in it. Because of this, it has become easy to keep the waste that is emitted from the hands of the pedestrians.

Regular Road Cleaning

Employees have been appointed and regularly mobilized to sweep the road within the working area as per requirement.

Community Mobilization

By mobilizing community people, women's groups, social organizations, clubs, schools, etc., waste management initiatives have been taking place in the community in a sustainable and effective manner.

Producing Compost Manure

Compost production is being done through the pile method by collecting the degradable waste separately.


We have been providing training to students, women, representatives of local organizations and others on waste classification, utilization of waste and production of compost.

Public Awareness Programs

We have been continuously conducting public awareness programs related to waste management and environmental protection in cooperation with the residents of the community (community people).

Cleaning Campaigns

We have been running campaigns under different names for cleaning public places like rivers, roads, temples.

Paper Recycling

We have our own paper processing plant at Gokarna, Kathmandu. At this facility, we process old papers and produce recycled paper. The recycled paper is utilized within our own office, and we also offer it for sale.

Plastic Recycling

We recycle waste and usable plastic into functional pipes using machinery at a recycling plant operated by Nepal Valley Engineering and Auto Works Pvt. Ltd., a company owned by Nepsemyak. The recycling plant is located in the Balaju industrial area.

Organic Farming

Using the produced compost, organic vegetables in the rented land are being produced and sold to the members of Nepsemyak family.

Inter-Institutional Coordination

Necessary coordination has been established with other organizations working on the nature of Nepsemyak and other organizations related to waste management.

Interaction Programs

From time to time, interaction programs related to the sustainable management of waste have been conducted with the company's customers, representatives of local organizations, elected public representatives, government employees, security agencies, hospitals, schools and colleges.

Management of Dead Animals

If any dead animal is found within the working area, it has been managed in a safe manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most asked question from our customers, concerned guilds are as followings:

  • Why are all customers not charged equally for the service?

    Our fee depends upon number of factors mainly :
    → Quantity and Nature of waste collected
    → Family count
    → Size of House (No. of flats)

  • There are several reasons why we are not able to collect waste in specified time mainly because of issues such as:
    1.Obstacles at landfill sites
    2.Strikes, shutdowns
    3.Road problems.
    Due to problem of landfill sites, our local station reaches full capacity and we can only collect waste once the problem at the landfill site is solved.

  • We dont increase our fee on irregular basis, the increase in fee depends on two major factors :
    1. Customer related factors
    increase in factors such as : Quantity and Nature of waste collected, Family count, Size of House (No. of flats)
    2. General Situation
    usually around 20% fee increase with increase in market price, fuel prices, etc., every 2 years.

  • There are two main reasons when it comes to collecting waste by entering every customer's house:
    1.By doing so, the time and cost increase for everyone. In order to cover these expenses, it becomes necessary to collect an additional fee from customers, which may not be favorable from their perspective.
    2.Not all customers have a sense of solidarity and understanding. Some customers may object to waste collection personnel entering their compounds regularly, which is why it is not appropriate to serve or impose this on anyone. Therefore, we do not collect waste by entering every household.

  • Our sources of revenue solely come from customers, while the company incurs various expenses related to waste management procedures, such as staff salaries, diesel consumption, vehicle maintenance, and more. Therefore, it is imperative for customers to regularly pay the service fee every month to ensure the smooth operation of the company.

Post Queries

Any urgent complains or queries can be put forward to the company via the chat service. Our representatives will contact you as soon as possible

You might want to check FAQ section if your question is already answered there.


Contact details here :

Central Secretariat Office


Damkal Chakrapath Marga
Naya Bato, Lalitpur

Lalitpur Field Office


Damkal Chakrapath Marga
Naya Bato, Lalitpur



Swoyambhu Branch


............ Marga
Sano Bharyang, Kathmandu



Maharajgunj Branch


Banshidhar Marga
Chandol, Kathmandu



Bhaktapur Branch


Radhe Radhe
Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur